"Taste 100%, presentation 100%, delivery 100%, pleased. Thumbs up. I'm one happy client."

- Ben

"Loved it! Looked amazing and tasted incredible."

- Dhanisha

"Thank you. The guests loved them. They have been posting photos of them on twitter" - Cupcake Bouquets

- Afi Ofori, Managing Director –  Zars Media

"Thank you very much Yvonne, the cake was breathtaking, Thanks again Nad xx"

- Nad

"Yvonne! The cake was a triumph with everyone. My mother is one of the fussiest people in the world and she gave it a mark of 120%! Thank you so much for all your hard work and creativity. Xxx"

- Shiraz Engineer

Hi Yvonne, I would like to thank you for coming up to The Guard House and showcasing your products. Our staff and customers loved them. Especially your bouquets. They are amazing and will be sure to add you as a supplier in our upcoming wedding package. Look forward in working with you and it was a pleasure to have you in our pub. Best wishes, Ruta Zukauskaite

- Ruta Zukauskaite

The cupcakes tasted heavenly and those that were fortunate to experience one had nothing but praise. I've passed your details to a few people who enquired. Thanks again you will definitely be baking for me again.

- Sharon Robinson

I was just at my friend’s home and saw your marvellous cake. It was exactly what I had hoped for and more. She and all her family are delighted by it. The photo has been sent to all corners! Thank you for the wonderful work you have done on it. The lettering of her name is perfect as was the greeting on the pot. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. I appreciate all your attention to detail. It most certainly shows in the cake. The only downside is that no one wants to break it up to eat it because it is so lovely! Very very many thanks indeed. I will most certainly order again, Christine

- Christine Kennedy – Knightsbridge

Hi Petra, I just wanted to say thank you sooooo much for my beautiful cupcakes that we had to celebrate my 50th from Yviescupkakes. Not only did they look too gorgeous to eat, but when we did bite into them the taste was scrumptious and so delicious. The cakes were moist and the icing wasn't too sweet like other cakes that I have tasted; you could taste the different flavours of each cake. The presentation too was amazing and it was so easy to be able to give my guests a cake to take home with them, in the little boxes that were provided. Please extend my sincere thanks to Yviescupkakes. The cakes were simply as they say "The icing on the cake" and it topped my celebratory birthday..... Thank you and I definitely will be using them again.

- Cindy Chin

Good morning Yvonne I thought of writing you a review but I figured it would be more effective from the cupcakes recipients point of view, so I had to make some calls lool, Every experience described are genuine by the way and its from the recent delivery. I was on the phone with her and asked her to close her eyes through out until she opens the box so I can share the moment with her. and here we go…. "I was lucky enough to be gifted with Yvie's cupkakes for my birthday. I was under strict instructions to have my eyes closed while opening this massive, white box that has just been delivered to me. I was hit with a sensual and sweet aroma, I could hardly contain my excitement and couldn't wait to see what it was. I was finally allowed to open my eyes and I was surprised with a bouquet of flowers, but upon closer inspection it turned out this delicious, smelling floristry were cupcakes. I was taken aback at the skilled, and creative mind that turned cupcakes into a bouquet of flowers, it looked too good to eat but that didn’t last very long, I was quick to dive in for a taste, the cake was moist, rich, soft and flavourful. The buttercream icing was sweet but not overpowering and the combination of the cake and icing was a perfect match. It was delicious. “